Writing Is Hard Lately

Time is short, demands are high, and all I want to do is write

“I might as well quit at this point.”

This is a regular thought I have lately. This morning is no different. I’m sitting in my living room. Drinking cold coffee. Holding a half-asleep 10-month-old. For the last month, I have gotten to sit at my computer to write in peace for a total of three days.

Even if I try to wake up before the baby, I still don’t get much time. She wakes up early too. I can’t write during the day because my day job just promoted me and I’m doing extensive training that is very demanding.

After work, I spend my nights working on home improvement projects because our house is falling apart. By the time I hit 8 PM I’m done. Physically, mentally, and creatively exhausted. Then, I do it all over again the next day.

I might as well quit at this point.

This season of life is killing me. It’s busy. I’m exhausted. And, it’s hurting my ability to actually get any meaningful writing done.

The fact that I published this today is a miracle because I published it from my phone. While holding the sleeping baby. And drinking cold coffee.

I know I’m not going to quit.

I can’t. I’m addicted to getting word to page. I love it when my writing helps people. Sure, I like the claps, reads, and views too. But I really just love writing.

I just need to make it through this season. Finding ways to write when I can. Working out how I will do it. Being okay when the only thing I can write is a complaint or rant. It’s just how things are going right now.

Can you relate?

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