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Why You Need to Focus on Yourself to Live Better

Many people are sacrificing their personal health and wellness on the alter of selflessness. Often, we think in our minds, that we just have to martyr some areas in order to get the most out of other areas.

But I think this is the wrong thinking. In fact, I think most people who are believing they are being selfless are actually being selfish.

I am a prime example of this. I wake up early, 5 AM most mornings, and spend my time writing. Most of the time I read my Bible and Journal. And then my daughters wake up.

Instead of getting them set up for breakfast and I work out, I pick up the house, get my things together for work, and play to their every whim. After I do this, I realize I am running late, don’t eat breakfast and rush out the door. I tend to forget my lunch too.

But, I am doing all of this to be selfless.

Except, I have not helped myself be healthy by exercising and eating. Or bringing healthy food with me to the office. This lends to me eating out. I will eat whatever I want, no matter how bad it is for me. And spend money that isn’t part of our budget.

“Because I need to eat…”

All of the sudden, I have not taken care of myself and selfishly I have spent money we didn’t need to spend and eat food that wasn’t really going to help me have energy and be healthy.

This is what happens when I don’t focus on myself in healthy ways.

Healthy Self Focus

This is why we need to focus on ourselves to create a better life: We need to be a priority in our life to better serve all other areas of our lives. And to live longer for our families.

Healthy self-focus helps us to consider and think about all areas of our personal lives. Our spirits, souls, and bodies. When we consider these three parts of our lives in a healthy manner we can actually create better lives for ourselves.

I believe we are three-part creatures. Spirit, our innermost being which communes with God. Soul, our minds, emotions, and wills. Body, the physical nature of our being.

If this is the case, we must address all three parts.

Priority #1: Healthy Spirit

I do think this applies to people whether spiritual or not if you disagree, feel free to skip to priority #2. However, there might be something interesting to help you as you create a better life for yourself.

If our spirit is our innermost being, we need to be feeding our spirit. The best way to do this is to commune with God. When we enter into his space and presence, we allow ourselves to draw on his supernatural power in our lives.

If you do not believe in God or Christianity specifically, find ways to connect with your faith. Or simply find ways to slow down the rest of your self (soul and body) in order to find balance with your inner being.

The key is to connect with more than yourself through yourself.

Priority #2: Healthy Soul

If our soul is the totality of our mind, emotions, and will we must learn to keep these in the right order for our lives. If we can keep our soul in order, we will be able to be healthy for the relationships we have and the situations which arise on a daily basis.

Recently, I listened to a podcast from Paul Scanlon where he shares about the hierarchy of the soul. He states that the soul actually has a level of health. Our mind comes first, then our emotions, then our wills.

If we have healthy thoughts and ideas, we will be able to control our emotions. Our emotions tell us something about our lives, but they shouldn’t steer our lives. Instead, they provide power for our lives. And then, when our mind and emotions are in order, we can make the right choices through our will.

The idea is to keep our souls in order to interact with the world around us in a healthy manner.

Priority #3: Healthy Body

When our spirit and soul is healthy, this gives us an upper hand for our body. Many times, when the other two are not in stride, we begin to experience physical issues.

When we are overly stressed because our emotions are running wild in our soul, we begin to experience insomnia, panic attacks, and weight gain. However, when we are healthy in other areas, we can start to really become healthy in our bodies.

A healthy body focuses on inputs and outputs.

If we are eating food that strengthens our bodies, provides energy, and allows for clarity of mind we can do a lot more in our life. However, when we eat garbage food, all those areas are worsened.

The same goes for our outputs. And when I say outputs, I am talking about how our bodies use this energy we put into us. We need to move and burn this energy. If we are being physically active for at least 30 minutes a day, that is a good start.

The focus here is eating foods that help you have the ability to move your body all day long.

Healthy Focus Enables Us to Serve Others

Ultimately, when we are healthy and focusing on being healthy at all levels, we are able to do so much more for the world we live in today. We are able to serve our relationships. React and sometimes anticipate difficult situations.

And live a better life.

But we must make ourselves a priority. We must take time to focus on our health at a spirit, soul, and body level.

When we do this, we can actually help others and live longer. Instead of hurting ourselves and taking years off of our lives. A healthy focus on ourselves allows us to serve the ones we love, the people around us, and the world as a whole.

How are you doing with your spirit, soul, and body health? Is one place lacking while the others are strong? What do you do to encourage health in these areas? Share in the responses below.

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