What to do When You Hate Your Job

Sometimes Work Sucks, But You Can Take Steps to Change it Up

J.R. Heimbigner
5 min readJan 9, 2019


Have you ever thought to yourself, “My job sucks, I hate it here.” I bet you have at some point. In America today, more people are dissatisfied with their jobs than ever before. Most people go to work because they need to pay the bills, not because they love what they do.

Heck, I feel that way too, sometimes.

And on plenty occasions, when we are really struggling with our jobs, we entertain the idea of quitting. Or having huge blow ups about the stupid things we encounter. Or worst of all, we start to complain to our coworkers about every thing we are unhappy about at work.

Our dissatisfied condition with work brings down our coworkers, makes our spouses and children aware of our sadness or frustration, and often kills our productivity to make things worse.

So what do we do when work sucks?

First, It is OK if You Hate Your Job when it Sucks

I have told plenty of other reps this one truth at my job:

It is OK to hate our job.

***If you are or have been my supervisor or manager and you are reading this, please keep reading***

In fact, I have encouraged them to get their hate for work out. I grab coffee with them or walk around the building while they vent. Sometimes, we just need to get it out. In a safe place. While doing something else that isn’t completely work related. I have found coffee or walking to be the best way to do this for myself and for others.

And then I ask one question which typically gets funny looks:

“Have you asked for help?”

At my day job, we have a culture where your growth is dependent upon you. However, if you ask for help, your supervisor or manager will find ways to help you.

No matter what your struggle is, they will pair you up with more successful reps. People who have great work-life balances. Or individuals who have been working for our company for years and have things dialed in to an incredible degree.



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