What to do when you don’t feel Intentional

Sometimes, we just want to sit and drink coffee, watch shows, or not do anything.

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“Do or do not. There is no try.” -Yoda, Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back

When things are not going our way, we must learn to turn them around. We must choose to be intentional. It is the most important thing we can do in these situations. We can only control what we can control, much like yesterday’s post, we cannot let the outside circumstances declare who we will be.

Intentional Life U-Turn

How do we do it? What do we need to do to turn things around? Our time is important, so we have to turn things around in small steps. Here are five steps to taking an Intentional Life U-Turn:

1. Stop and Review Your Life Plan

When I feel a bit out of control and spiraling. I stop and pull out my life plan. This is one of the reasons that I create a life plan. It helps me focus in these more difficult times when I am not motivated. I review my life plan, and look at specific committments. Then I start taking the next action steps.

2. Review Your Goals

After I have reviewed my life plan, I take a look at my goals. This helps me know what I could be working toward. The life plan gives me more to the why, my goals help me think about the how. Once I have reviewed my goals, I can take actions that work with my life plan.

3. Identify the Next Action

When we know our next action, we can start moving. For my mornings, I work my way through each step of the morning. If I have woken up and am lazing around in my chair, I identify that I need coffee. Then I need to write and prepare for my girls getting up. When I know each step, it makes it easier to gain momentum.

4. Do Small Things First

Getting back on track is a momentum game. If you can accomplish a few small tasks, then you will feel more confident to complete the more complicated ones. Typically, you next actions to start need to be small and will gradually get bigger and more complex.

5. Keep Going

Once you have some momentum, the key is to keep going. A lot of the time, this is a natural step. If it is a particularly hard time, sometimes you need to keep identifying next actions to help you keep the momentum going. After a while though, you will get on track and back at your everyday intentional life.


To live our best lives, our most intentional lives, we need to know what our purpose is and what our priorities are that go with that purpose. My ebook: The True North Manifesto can help you identify your purpose and priorities. Click the picture below to download it now!

If this post resonates with you, share how in the responses. If you have some other things that you do to turn things around, share below!



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