What the Jedi and Experience Taught Me About Mentoring

And How We Can Apply it Today

Source: Vanity Fair

Padawan, Knight, Master

I have always been fascinated with the relationship between Jedi Master and Jedi Apprentice. Whether it was Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan, Obi-Wan and Anakin, or Luke and Rey, there is something very intriguing about the relationship and what it means to me.

7 Keys to Mentoring Like A Jedi

1. It is Not About You

I used to think I had to be really awesome to be a mentor. Everyone of mine have been really awesome to me. And so, my first few times I mentored others, I was all worried about me. The questions in my head were always: How am I doing? Did I do that right? How did I look doing such and such? Just foolishness.

2. Unconditional Support

Every mentor I have had this in common, they have unconditionally supported me. While we had boundaries and clear expectations. I knew if I had questions, or needs, or needed encouragement, they would be there.

3. Take Action

Whenever I came to a moment that needed action, my mentors have pushed me over the edge. Like Luke getting Rey to reach out into the force and Qui Gon teaching Obi Wan the fine arts of being a Jedi, we all need a little push. After all, there is no try.

4. It Will End Someday

Something very unexpected to me was that one day, a mentorship will end. My mentor will teach me all that he can and then I will move on to someone else. And he will too. It is the order of things.

5. You are a Mentor, Like Your Mentor Before You

“Pass on what you have learned.” — Yoda, The Return of the Jedi

Over the last ten years, I have had seven or eight mentors. And in every case, shortly after I have started or ended a mentor relationships, I turned around and picked up someone to mentor myself. Almost always, I began sharing what I was learning with those around me.

6. You Need to Have Clear Focus

A lot of times, we will have different mentors for different things. I know when my wife and I first got married, we had a couple that mentored us in our faith and marriage. At the same time, I was receiving professional mentoring at work. In each one of these situations, we were focused on specific things. And these focused areas changed our lives.

7. You Will Always Be Helpful and Helped

The last thing to remember is that we will always help each other. No matter what. We don’t have to be lucky. We just have to have purpose, create direction, and take action in our mentoring relationships. When we have those three things, we will intentionally work together and help each other grow.

“In my experience, there’s no such thing as luck.” — Obi-Wan Kenobi, A New Hope

And that is it, seven keys to mentor like a Jedi. We only have to do a few things. And every mentor relationship will work out well. Do you have any keys to your mentor relationships? Share in the responses below.

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