This Always Seems To Happen

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This past November, I was struggling at work. I was behind and falling further behind. Everyday, I was running into something I didn’t know how to do, which caused further time loss in my productivtiy. My work always went through lunch, late after work, and would come home with me.

It was terrible.

This has happened to me three times in my career with this particular company. I start out in a position feeling great. Then reality hits. And it hits hard. Then we have positive turnover and all of the sudden I am no longer a newbie at my job, but a somewhat tenured rep.

This means I get all the hard, more complicated stuff for my job title. And in every situation, it happened more quickly than I was prepared. It was difficult. And when things get difficult for me, I start looking for greener pastures.

The first two times this happened to me, I continued to power through. I didn’t have any other options. I kept my head down and figured out what makes me good at that job and pushed hard to do it.

Fast-forward to today.

Last week, I was finished with my work early nearly every day. I was even working ahead. And my productivity is at an all time high thanks to some 21 tips I found for myself. Merely, three months later I am in the driver’s seat to success and margin. How did this happen?

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Perseverance in My Writing

There is nothing to write. All you do is sit down at a typerwriter and bleed. — Ernest Hemingway

Jeff Goins shared this a while back on Instagram or Twitter. And when I first saw this quote I thought, “That is pretty harsh. I don’t feel that way.” It seems so dramatic to how I feel about writing. Even when it is hard.

And then it happened.

Earlier this month, I was reviewing stats on my blog and Medium posts. All of them sucked. One of my blog posts only had 8 views. Some of my Medium posts had less. My email opens were less than 20% too. It felt like no one was reading my writing.

I was downcast, disappointed, and irritated. While struggling through my day job and writing since May of last year, it felt like I had not gained any traction. It seemed as though this has all been fruitless and I started to think about throwing in the towel.

The Turn, There is Always a Turn

While I was feeling disillusioned about my writing, I decided I would keep on going. I kept finding encouraging articles from Tom Kuegler, Frank McKinley, Blake Powell and so many others telling me to keep going. And so I have. In fact, I decided I would push myself this month and write a post EVERY DAY.

I had only done this once before. And it was hard. I didn’t know if I could do it again. And I wasn’t sure if I could take the rejection. However, I knew that I needed to keep practicing in public. Getting feedback from other writers and honing my craft would help me do better.

I also committed to stop caring about my stats. I only check them a few times a day now. Why? Because, they were the circumstantial information which was making me feel in peaks and valleys. I had to turn away from the applause and acknowledgement which gave me instant gratification and turn toward something more.

Remembering WHY

“People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.” — Simon Sinek

I love this quote. Because it reminds me to think about why I write. Or why I work so hard at my day job. And why I do things differently in my marriage and parenting compared to culture. If I know my WHY, then I know my purpose. If I know my purpose, I can created direction, and take action.

The WHY for my writing:

I believe everyone can live intentionally by knowing their purpose, creating directions and taking action.

I write to help people do this, live intentionally, and live a life they desire. It always distresses me when someone says life got away from them. They share about how they wish they would have done something different. After all, I have felt this way too.

And then I come back to remember we don’t have to live life adrift. We can take the reins of life and charge toward what we desire. I do not believe we are victims of circumstance. And while hard things happen, we can take those hard things and learn from them.

I write to help others live intentionally.

And if no one reads what I write. At least I put word to page. I know I have done what I desire to do. Make the information available. Share my life experience to help at least one person. If I have done this, it is worth it.

I come to my computer every morning and bleed what I know to the words on the screen. Every bit of knowledge and care goes into my posts to help others. And so, I do it.

Something is Happening

This last two weeks has been pretty amazing. I went from the beginning of the month feeling bewildered and frustrated to feeling on cloud nine. While I have written some great posts over the last three weeks, there have also been some rough ones. But something is happening.

One of my articles is being picked up by Another one drew the attention to a podcaster. A few others have received a lot of responses on how they have helped people change some things in their lives. And a series of them have given me the groundwork for a book.

And why? Because I want to help people. I want to sit at my computer and bleed. To give some of my life to others in hopes they can do something great in life too.

Respond & Read More

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Have you ever had this happen? When you felt discouraged but you preserved to see a dream come true? Or where you have pushed through difficult circumstances to reap the reward of your perseverance? Or is there something I left out that might be helpful to others? Share in the responses below.




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J.R. Heimbigner

J.R. Heimbigner

#1 Bestselling Author on Amazon and Top Writer on Medium. I write about faith, productivity, self-publishing, and investing. Learn more:

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