Inheritance of Testimonies

Strengthen Yourself in the Lord — Testimonies

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When we go back to the times when God has moved, we are seeing who he is. Everyone has heard of a “Christian Testimony,” typically it has to do when someone decides on placing their faith in Jesus. But they go back to Adam and Eve. And are more than just starting our faith.

A testimony gives strength to who God is because in every instance we see him do something amazing or miraculous. Like the times we hear about God healing someone of cancer. Or when God moves to bring people back into right relationship with each other.

And even, when God delivers his people from Egypt in the Bible, these are all stories which release the power in our lives today. Because we know God can do amazing things, we can expect amazing things.

“I have inherited your testimonies forever, for they are the joy of my heart.” — King David, Psalm 119:111

When we share a story about something amazing God has done, we are releasing the power of God over the situation we are in currently. Stories of healing bring healing in the lives of other people.

Reconciliation brings reconciliation. Deliverance brings deliverance.

We need to keep the testimonies of generations close to our hearts to break into the power which they pour out and we can experience a strengthening which is nothing short of miraculous.

What is a testimony of God’s greatness in your life? Share in the responses below.

This is point number four in a post I shared called What it Means to Strengthen Yourself in the Lord.

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