I Might Have Been Wrong About Medium

Seven ways I am leveraging Medium stories



Photo by Tasha Lyn on Unsplash

I might have been wrong about Medium. When we started seeing an extreme downturn in stats, I started getting on the complaint train. I figured that it might even be the downturn of the platform.

I shared how I would try and expand my horizons a while back, which has and has not worked. Yes, I still think the new Medium app sucks, but I also think Medium has a lot of potentials.

Why am I changing my mind?

After these rough posts, I started writing more short and mid-form articles. I also started to focus more on SEO with my posts. Then, what seemed like out of nowhere, I started getting these jumps in views and reads.

These jumps in views and reads didn’t turn into dollar bills on Medium, but they doubled my small writing email list. The other thing I started seeing was people buying products or reaching out for services.

This led to income from other areas than Medium, but I am sure the traffic came from Medium stories found in search. In the last few months, I learned that getting fresh readers from outside of Medium might be crucial to success on Medium again.

How do we make this pivot on Medium?

Instead of relying on the traditional ways Medium pays us via the partner program and getting people to sign up, we need to think about payment via Medium outside of Medium.

There is a new way to create our content here on Medium if we do this. And, as I have been experimenting, it works pretty well. I think some of the Medium big-times have been using this strategy.

  1. Write lots of short-form posts. These will help keep you at the head of the Medium algorithm. Which won’t pay much, but I think it helps us stay on top of things when the search is involved.
  2. Write some mid to long-form posts. These should be the ones with high-value content. Maybe they combine your short-form posts with a different spin on them. But these are the post that makes the difference.
  3. Search keywords in Google. Here is what I do. It is basic and by no means definitive on the subject. I focus on keywords from…




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