I Have a Writing Problem

And it’s not what you think…

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While I don’t write about writing often, I realized this morning while I stood waiting for my coffee to brew that I have a writing problem. Not like an alcohol or drug problem, but a problem within my writing. It is a problem that probably impacts every creative person who holds down a day job and has a family.

The Problem: How do I write and maintain the vehicle for my writing?

What do I mean? Well, I write 500–1500 words nearly every day. And I post to my blog and to Medium on a regular basis. About three to six posts a week between the two spaces. However, I am running into this problem.

While maintaining writing on my blog and Medium help me build an audience, how do I make time for writing books? And keeping my blog updated? How do I keep my email list GDRP compliant? Where will I find time to foster my writing network to help in growing my writing and audience?

It was a touch overwhelming to me this morning.

After all, I have a day job which takes my hours from 7:30am to 6:00pm considering the total time I am at work and my morning and evening commutes. And I have a beautiful family who I love deeply and my time to them starts from 6:00am until I leave for work, and then starts back up at 6:00pm when I get home.

My writing time is from 5:00am to 6:00am, and during my hour long lunch, but I lose time going to Starbucks to write since I can’t really do it at my office. Two hours a day, sometimes three if I am lucky.

And I know, that is 10 hours a week. Which seems like a lot of time, but if most of that time is creating content and editing it, and getting it up online, how do I do the other things?

It is a bit of a problem.

Not that I want to be a doomsday person, but I also have this frustration building as I am growing an audience, one to three emails a month it would seem, I know I need to update lead magnets and figure out landing pages to help funnel more people into my email.

I know this was going to be slow going, especially since I do not have all day to work on marketing and promoting my work because of my day job. However, it is tiring to see fruit every few days.

It is almost discouraging.

However, I remember something I read somewhere. Most writers quit after a year. And most writer fail after a year if they don’t have 100 email subscribers by the end of the first year. I refuse to be ‘most writers.’ In fact, I keep plugging away because I know I have something to say and people need to hear it.

I don’t ultimately do this for vanity, but vanity is a friend of resistance in the fight against a writer. Vanity tells me I should be up there with others my age, or my start point or skill level. Vanity tells me jealousy is an OK motivator. And vanity tells me I should potentially give up to save myself hurt and pain.

And then I say: “Forget vanity, what does he know

I am doing something I love. And I will keep doing it no matter how slow the process and how much I need to do, but am unable to do it. There may not be enough time in the day. And I may have important things to do other than write, but I need to keep writing.

This writer is going to keep going.

I will figure out how to do all these other things. In fact, I know there are lots of writers out there right now who have figured this out or at least are further down the road than I am. If you are one of them, I need some help from you.

Respond and Share

Do you feel this way? Have you felt this way?

In the responses below, I would greatly appreciate any tips you have to help do the administrative aspects of writing.

Or share ways in which you have learned to balance it all a little better.

And if you discouraged or struggling, share in the responses below what is difficult.

Let this story be a beacon of hope for writers everywhere.

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