How to Learn More for Less Money

We Need to Continually Educate Ourselves and It Doesn’t Have to Cost A Lot

As I have gotten older, I have started to wonder about the formal education system. Does it really help prepare people for life? Does it build into their passions and desire for knowledge? Or is it keeping people from really knowing who they are and what they want out of life?

After all, I spent six years getting a degree in college that I don’t even use now. The only use this degree has given me is access to jobs that required a four-year degree. Any four-year degree.

Other than that, what was the use for six years of life I could have been learning what I am learning now and tens of thousands of dollars I could have put toward that learning instead of a university which keeps asking for more and more.

Maybe, this is a cynical view of the education system. But the problem for me is that I was told I was a terrible writer by college professors.

And yet, I published a book and have written hundreds of thousands of words since then. In fact, I love writing. I did in college, even when I was told I was bad at it.

And thankfully, my six years of a college education hasn’t burnt me out on learning. I love to learn and understand new things. Everything I continue to learn builds into who I am and the life I want to lead.

And most of the things I have learned have come at a low price. These lower-value learning experiences have come in three main avenues: books, online courses, and coaching/mentoring. And I am going to share more about how and why these can help you too!

3 Ways to Educate Yourself without School

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Again, I may be a little cynical about the formal education system. However, I have learned more in the last six years than I did in the six years I was in college.

Sure, I learned a lot of general knowledge lessons in college, but it didn’t prepare me for doing something I love and wanting to make a business out of it.

And that's why we have other educational resources available to us today in books, online courses, and tons of online coaches and mentors.

Learn from Books

The more and more I talk with people about publishing my book and the latest books I have read, the more I hear the same thing: “I really don’t like reading anymore.” And even those who are reading according to statistics on reading in America, they are reading on average a mere 7 minutes a day.

This blows my mind! Especially since it is one of the cheapest ways to learn something in the world today. Sure, you can watch YouTube videos and “How to” tutorials on things. Yet, if you want to learn something with theory and practical application, most books provide this information for less than $15!

It has been through books I have learned how to live a full life of chasing my dreams. It was through books I re-discovered my love of writing and even learned how to self-publish my own book.

And it is through books I continue to learn valuable lessons from those who have gone before us. This form of personal education is readily available to us. And we need to be taking advantage of it!

Learn from Online Courses

This has been my most recent jump into personal learning. Online courses. More and more people are creating courses to help other people learn the things they didn’t learn in college. And the funny thing is, higher education is jumping on the bandwagon.

I recently read that if it wasn’t for online courses being made available through universities, college enrollment would be down. It is as if universities began to see what independent people were doing online and realized they needed to get caught up.

However, colleges will charge you hundreds of dollars for one online course whereas you might be able to find one online for $100 or less. And potentially learn more than what State University is teaching.

And this has been my experience with online courses. I have taken five or six courses now where I have paid less than $100 for each one and have learned a ton about personal development, writing, and marketing.

All the things I was interested in during my college years, but the course work didn’t help me learn anything.

If you want to learn something new and apply it today, online courses are the way to go.

Learn from Coaches and Mentors

This is one area where I have started to jump into as a coach and as someone who has received coaching. And it is a growing market in the world today.

In fact, more and more people are finding coaches and mentors online since the internet is connecting us to people around the world. I have learned from people in other states here in the U.S. as well as people from other countries including England and the Netherlands.

And the access to these coaches and mentors continues to grow. In fact, we are able to connect with people who fit our learning experience and life experience better than ever before.

This is the next steps in personal learning that is making a huge difference. And it can be fairly cheap too. While most books are less than $20, and many online courses can be purchased for less than $100, we can find coaching at $50 a session to $200.

One app, which I use for coaching, is Magnifi. You basically pay by the minute. And I typically ask for 30-minute commitments and then anything over the top is still the same price.

And so, if you are looking for one-on-one learning, it is available too!

Less Expensive, Not as Time Consuming, and Far More Practical

Continuing to learn doesn’t mean you need to go back to college to get a Masters degree or another degree in your current field. It doesn’t mean you need to pay thousands of dollars and waste hours reading thick, boring educational texts.

Today, you can pick up a book, find a course, or hop on Skype and learn more for less. And do it with a large group or one-on-one. Continual learning doesn’t have to be taxing. Most of all, it can be fun and it can help you live more of the life you desire to live!

How do you learn in today’s world? Are there other ways you have been learning new things than what I have shared?

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