How To Become An Early Riser In 5 Simple Steps

The benefits and process of becoming an early bird



For as long as I remember, I have been an early riser. I love waking up early. Even before my wife and I were married and we had kids, I would wake up early.

It is in these early morning hours that I have had some of my best ideas, created some of my best work, and laid the foundation for achieving my goals and dreams. This is why I still get up early to this day.

Yet, I can remember a time when I hated the early morning.

In those days of my life, I would stay up late whether I needed to or not. It also was a day of ultimate bachelor life, playing video games, watching movies, and going out with friends. And while those days are long gone, for that season, I thought I might be a night owl.

Now, I understand that might night owl days were supreme time wasters. For most people who stay up late, they are getting a lot of things done. This might be the best time to work on a side hustle or catch up on household chores.

However, if you are staying up late to binge-watch Netflix or Disney+, changing your night owl lifestyle to become an early riser would be extremely beneficial to you.

The Benefits of Being an Early Riser

Photo by Federico Respini on Unsplash

“Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise” — Ben Franklin

When we wake up early there are some great benefits to our health and to our lives. In fact, I find so many of them that this is what helps me get up early when I don’t want to.

If you are looking to make a switch from night owl to an early riser, consider these five major benefits.

Get a head start on your day.

Instead of waking up late and rushing around super stressed out. You can actually take it slow, do things you want to do, and get a headstart on work. This will help you lower your stress all day long.




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