How I Know I Am Being Productive and Successful at Life

5 min readApr 26, 2018
“A baby sitting with her father while looking at a kids book.” by Picsea on Unsplash

Last weekend, I was sitting in the backyard while the sun was out. My four-year-old daughter was playing in our kiddy pool, our dog was sleeping in a shaded part of the grass in our backyard, and I was sitting in my chair reading a book. The sun was warm on my skin. We could hear other neighborhood kids running around down the street. And we would carry light conversations full of giggles.

It was a relaxing afternoon in our little world. It was nice to read without keeping track of time. Sitting without worrying about a project. And spending a sunny day in the backyard with my little girl reminded me of my childhood. It was nice to have the space to enjoy it.

However, it hasn’t always been like this. Last summer was vastly different…

What A Difference A Year Makes

Last year around this time, I was about six months into a new position at work. And I was struggling. My workload had grown to an out of control point. I had dropped the ball in a few areas and it was being noticed by my superiors. I was worried, frustrated, angry, and worn down.

Work was taking over everything. I would work 40 to 45 hours a week in the office. Spend two to three hours at night most nights of the week working. And my Saturdays or Sundays would have a few power hours of work too. I was doing everything to try and get caught up, or if anything just stay only so far behind.

It was a difficult season of life that lasted months. I had just started writing on my blog and here on Medium. And I wanted to be able to put more effort into these things. My marriage and relationships with my daughters weren’t bad, but they were strained by the amount of stress I was dealing with too.

I was stretched thin, really thin…

A year ago I was pulling my hair out, and now, I am taking it easy reading without a care in the world. What happened?

3AM Wakeup Call — A New Life of Productivity

One Saturday morning in November I was pulled out of sleep at 3AM. I was dreaming about work and it was such a stressful dream it is my version of a nightmare. I sat up in bed and decided I didn’t want to go back to…




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