How a 30 Day Writing Challenge Will Lead to a Huge Year

Join Me in a 30 Day Writing Challenge!

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We did it. Made it through 2018 and you are still writing. At least, that is what I am telling myself. I made it through another year. And while 2018 was a great year for my writing, I really want 2019 to be even better.

And I think you do too.

Most of us have goals for how we want our writing to go this year. Some want to publish a book. Others want to make $10,000 a month off of our writing. And other still simply want to write and be read.

Whatever your goal, I want to encourage you to do it this year. And maybe, this year you can start off strong with a writing challenge and some strong practicing in public. I want to propose this to you:

Let’s have a 30 Day Writing Challenge. We will call it:

The 2019 New Years Challenge.

What You Need to Know About a Writing Challenge

I have done this twice before where I have published something everyday for 30 straight days. It seems almost grueling at times. But, I have seen some wonderful benefits. And so, I thought it might be really encouraging to start your year strong here on Medium and on your blog.

Here are the parameters for the challenge:

  1. Write something everyday. It can be 100 words, it can be 1,000 words, you just need to write everyday.
  2. Publish something everyday. It can be what you wrote, or something you previously wrote and finally decided to share it. Notice, you can write some of these previously and publish them for the first time if you don’t feel great about publishing something you wrote the same day.
  3. Share it around the internet with he hashtag: #2019NewYearsWC
  4. Start a Series here on Medium for the challenge. This is optional, though I have found it incredibly helpful to keep track of what I am publishing and helping people find all my posts for the challenge.
  5. Grow. I will guarantee you will grow as a writer. Your audience will grow. And your confidence will grow with this challenge.

Before You Start

I want to be honest with you, not every story will be great. In fact, you will publish a handful of stories which will really stink. However, there will be a few which will do really well. And most will do about middle of the road.

The point of the challenge is to encourage you to write everyday and to put this practice into the public so you can grow. And when you grow as a writer, you take steps closer to the goals you have for your writing this year.

What are you waiting for? Let’s start writing!

In the responses below, link your series for the challenge to help others see how it works and to check out your stories!

I will start! Here is my series detailing all of my posts:

#1 Bestselling Author, Top Writer on Medium. Pick up my 100 Headline Swipe File Now:

#1 Bestselling Author, Top Writer on Medium. Pick up my 100 Headline Swipe File Now: