Design Timelines to Activate Your Ultimate Productivity

A Tale of Fulfilling Deadlines

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Tasks Managed Only by Deadlines — 6 Months Ago

Going to my mailbox on any given day I could find nothing, or I could find a giant packet of information. If it is a giant-packet-day, I know instinctively at this point that I have at least ten days to respond to the contents of the packet. Otherwise, I will be in trouble at work and possibly leave my company open to some huge liability.

Creating and Implementing Timelines

My research revealed most people create timelines in their minds when they know a task is due. However, a large majority of people were not setting smaller tasks to map out the timeline they needed to complete the main deadline.

  • Send Out Records for Analysis
  • Review Records Returned
  • Evaluate Packet
  • Confirm Approval if Needed
  • Respond
  1. Day Five, Six, or Seven: Review Returned Records, Evaluate, Confirm Approval
  2. Day Six, Seven, Eight: Review Disapproved Evals or Respond
  3. Day Seven, Eight, Nine: Confirm Approval on Rework and Respond.

Timelines Meeting Deadlines — Today

Six months later, I have settled into this system. I don’t use my whiteboard anymore. In fact, I use my pre-determined timeline for every packet response which comes in today. And in most situations, I am responding before ten days.

Respond and Share

Do you create timelines to meet your personal deadlines? Or do you set a deadline and then cram at the end? Share in the responses below. If you think this is helpful, share how you might implement it!

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