A Positive Life Leads to the Desired Life

And a Negative Life Holds Us Back from Everything

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“Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results.” — Willie Nelson

Someone once told me that being negative or having a bad day was my choice. We choose to live with a bad day or we can choose to have a good day. In the moment, that sounds like terrible information. I used to think we couldn’t help whether or not we are negative or positive. And for years, I have lived with that lie. I’m believed I was a negative person. What I have learned is that is not true. Anyone can be positive or negative. We only need to choose.

Start with Gratitude

Choosing to be positive starts with one simple step. Be thankful. It is hard to be negative when you are thankful for something. It easy to feel terrible about yourself or your situation when you feel like it isn’t fair. However, when you are thankful for things in your life. You realize whatever is going on in the moment of your situation is not your entire life.

Next, Stop Feeding the Monster

We all have things or people in our lives encouraging negativity, maybe its time for those to go. Have you ever noticed when you search something on Google and you bounce around websites, you start to see ads focused on your search history? All of the sudden you are surrounded by one search and it becomes all you see. Sometimes we need to remove negative people or things and replace then with positive.

“Negativity is the enemy of our desires.”

Do you watch violent TV? Read the news first thing in the morning? Grab coffee with the most negative coworker in your office? Is there something in your life keeping you down. It’s time to get rid of it.

Introduce a Positive Dwelling

Start introducing good things into your life. Journal in the morning. Write down a few things to be grateful. Pray or meditate in place of the news articles or Facebook. Start working on a new project. Is there something you have always wanted to do, but never taken the time to do? Sometimes, introducing a project you have always desired to complete will bring up our spirits.

“It is time to build up positivity in your life.”

When we sit in a ‘dwelling of positivity’ (see Bible, Philippians 4:8) we begin to rewire our lives. We start looking for the things that are most important to us. Our purpose and priorities begin to come to the surface of our lives and we are filled with hope for those things. In these moments of hope, we grow a dwelling that is good. When we see what is good, we began to see a life we desire. But the only way to get there is with positivity. Negativity is the enemy of your desires. It is time to build up positivity in your life.

Strive for the Life You Desire

I believe we all can live the lives we desire by living intentionally. If we live with purpose, direction and take action we can reach our desired lives. To live this life we need to find our purpose. Once you do that, you create direction and take action. If you want to learn more about finding your purpose, download my free eBook.

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