7 Traits of Highly Remarkable People

How anyone can be remarkable



I see this all the time at my day job. New reps come in and flounder about when they first start out in an industry that no one ever plans to be part of, insurance. Yet, they start putting in the work and putting up with all the drama of it.

As time goes on, those who cannot take the stresses of the job either quit or decide to be average at best. They get by working their 9–5 job and are completely fine with never achieving anything.

However, there are others who work hard. They push themselves and those around them. As they start working their way through the ranks, they leave a wake of influence behind them and a reputation of being one of the best.

What Is Remarkable?

Remarkable is an adjective. It's how we describe people who are worth noticing because they are uncommon or even, extraordinary. The character of Sherlock Holmes is remarkable. Bill Gates and his reading habits are remarkable. Tim Ferriss and his ability to learn things fast are remarkable.

These are just a few names of people, whether real or fictional, that is remarkable. People we find interesting, uncommon, and extraordinary. As Chris Guillebeau says,

“they rise above the culture of mediocrity.”

Remarkable doesn’t mean someone is better than someone else. It does mean that someone has done something which has elevated them to a status of interest. Which is interesting, because any of us can become remarkable.

Becoming Remarkable

A good friend of mine helped me get my day job. He had been working at our company for years and referred me to my initial position. In my interview, I mentioned my friend, and the hiring manager sang praises of him.

I thought at the time, it was just because they had worked together on a team. However, as time went on, more and more people had such good things to say about my friend. In fact, he was a person that was well known for being REALLY good at his job.

Without prodding too much, I started asking him about his career path and how he has worked with so many people in the company…




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